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Nov 12, 2018

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  • "People are crazy today!" How many times have you thought or said this after a particularly rough day? It started with the person at the coffee shop who had an "attitude", followed by the cashier at the gas station, the teller at the bank, geez even your co-workers were "off". What is going on with this world, you ask yourself! Wake up my loves, that is all you! You create your own reality. Did you think before you even walked in to get your coffee that you were already irritated, and the girl who made your coffee was just mirroring your own energy back to you? After that, you just kept rumbling around in your mind, about how rude she was, and now you are going to attract that reaction from everyone you cross today, because that is what you are telling the universe YOU WANT! How do you change your day? Change your thoughts! It is THAT easy (while really not being easy at all). It takes practice. And how you get there is with gratitude and appreciating that which you do have. For instance the person in front of you just cut you off, your first reaction is, "oh wtf?" Instead consider they may have cut you off to save you from something ahead, not meant for you, let's say maybe a speed trap, or accident. Everything happens for a reason! I have not come across an "off" person in weeks! Cashiers, waitresses, anyone I come across now, has smiles for me, because I am grateful and acknowledge every single one of them. I wake up appreciating waking up, looking forward to my day and being the most authentic me. I am Love! I am Joy! I am Peace! Those are my natural states of BEING! How did I get here? I listened to my inner self, I got honest with myself and I fell madly in love with who I am. I embrace this time here, the incredible changes taking place, the magnificent rising of humans as the spiritual beings we truly are. I had to heal my past, I had to do my own inner healing, I had to unlearn everything I had been taught and listen to myself. I had to let go of ego which included my home, my business and accept that the universe had much better plans for me. I chose doing what is really bringing me happiness and realizing that all is new in this time and nothing created in 3D and 4D could be taken with me. That surrender took me right into bliss, pure simple JOY! The realization that I didn't need to be "doing" anything, that my power lay in "BEing"! Now, I have total control of not only my thoughts but my emotions as well. It isn't that life is suddenly perfect, because there are other humans in my life who have ups and downs, I still have them also, although now to a lesser degree. It is when you can feel, that you need to stop and ask yourself, "why am I feeling this?" Feelings are our guides, they let us know how to properly navigate through life. They have a wonderful purpose in this human form, they weren't meant to be kept and obsessed upon. They were meant to let you know your present place in the universe, and help lead you back to your natural state of peace and LOVE! 💜💜💜
  • The debate continues to rage amongst the masses as we continue to bury an unprecedented amount of young people every day. As the fight continues, the numbers continue to grow, not reaching a plateau, not lessening, in fact it just gets bigger and bigger each year. As an NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) my brain is trained to look at everything from many different angles and to allow my mind to develop different pathways to understand things from a different perspective in new and unique ways. So buckle up for this new way of viewing this battle of disease or choice and let's try to find a solution instead of a further reason for fight. First of all, let us look at the origins of the word disease: (dis) (ease) which loosely translates to a "lack of ease." Now the actual definition: (noun) a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or affects a specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not the result of physical injury. So, by those words alone we could certainly argue that addiction is, in fact, a disease. However, let's delve deeper and look at things from a whole different level. Have you realized that this disease is completely the opposite of any other known disease? This disease begins with what is used as treatment for every other disease, medicine. The definition of medicine is: (noun) 1) the science of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease 2) a compound or preparation for the treatment or prevention of disease, especially a drug or drugs taken by mouth. Essentially you are working in reverse and by taking the "medicine" you are then getting the "disease'. Alcohol has been used for far longer than other conventional drugs for pain and has been used as medicine also, and the other substances, heroin, percocet, morphine, etc were all created by the big Pharma companies as conventional medications, and then heavily over prescribed. Now, many like to argue that you chose to take those drugs and continue to make that choice overlooking the fact that your brain and body then develop a dependence upon the substances. But then, you must argue that many diabetics become dependent upon insulin to survive and you will never hear someone describe a diabetic as a "junkie", despite the fact that many with diabetes are that way due to choices they themselves made. We are then led to what both of these diseases actually have in common, covering up that which is hiding below the surface. The reason both diseases exist, the self medication of covering up fears and insecurities within ourselves, burying trauma in things that temporarily make us feel good, in these instances food and drugs/alcohol. One may experiment that first time with that choice, but what they get after that first time is what keeps them continuing to self-medicate, a bandage for the thoughts that run rampant in their minds. Memories of childhood trauma, feelings of not being good enough, pretty enough or smart enough. There is something malfunctioning in their brain that pushes them to try and numb those feelings, to dull the memories and silence the voices of condemnation. It is the same thing someone who develops diabetes from overeating does, burying themselves in an outside source to make themselves feel better in that moment, so we do not have to face what we think awaits us on the inside. These are all self limiting beliefs and the problems that we really have are in our minds, literally. So, wouldn't that put addiction in a whole other ballpark of definition, since it is actually self treatment of a belief system that has failed us? The problem originates in the mind and then continues on in the mind. This would also be the only disease in which the patient does not seek conventional treatment for because, again, in their mind, they are already treating themselves. After they are dependent upon the "medicine", even more beliefs take hold, thanks to society and the stigma placed upon those who are now essentially "over medicating' themselves. The answer? LOVE. Teaching each and every person to love themselves, Showing them they are already worthy enough, pretty enough and smart enough. Showing them that their pasts, no matter how horrific, were not their faults and do not define who they are on the inside. Leading them to look within themselves and accept who they are as individuals and find a way to truly embrace their own unique personalities. There is too much pressure in this world from the outside to control who we are, what we look like, what we think and what we do, that so many are getting lost trying to become something they are not. Instead, they numb themselves to the world and literally check out because they were never meant to fit into societies unrealistic mold. Let's stop looking down on our brothers and sisters and instead start lifting them up because truly, this could happen to anyone who has never felt like they belong. You may not end up an addict, but you could certainly end up with diabetes or cancer from poor choices made to deal with overwhelming feelings. NLP Coaching helps the neurons in your brain disconnect from the same pathways they have taken for years and find new healthier paths, it is healing your thought patterns. we are teaching you new ways to look at everything and helping you to love yourself for who you are. If you talk to anyone in long term recovery they are going to tell you that they only had to change the way they thought of themselves to change everything else in their lives. NLP helps you change your thought patterns quicker and far more affordable than conventional treatment programs as it goes right to the core issues that are hidden in our subconscious minds that prevent us from being happy and whole. Here at Wings Of Transcendence my goal is to help you find lasting, successful, recovery by encouraging you to be yourself and be OK with that, Reiki/Energy Healing can help with stress, anxiety, pain, sleep problems and withdrawal symptoms. Hypnosis has a 93% effectiveness rate when an average of 6 sessions are done. NLP Coaching goes right to your core issues without having to ever over talk them or relive the trauma/pain involved. The Spiritual Aspect is implied with the 12 Steps but here we find the values without studying the book page by page and following a rigid schedule of completing one before starting another. I have found that it doesn't matter which step you begin on after admitting you have a problem. They all lead you to the same place, helping others.